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CenExel Centers of Excellence offer world-class quality and experience. RCA champions that standard.

CenExel RCA has been leading the CNS and Vaccine research industry since 2011.

CenExel RCA is a privately owned, multi-specialty research site that conducts Phase I – IV clinical trials. CenExel RCA inpatient and outpatient studies are made up of healthy and special populations ranging from pediatric to geriatric age groups. Our mission is to be the best-in-class clinical research site contributing to the development of new medications by conducting trials at the highest ethical standards. We are a CenExel Center of Excellence, assuring unparalleled patient engagement, staff expertise, and valuable results.

CenExel RCA has an extensive background of hundreds of clinical trials.
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CenExel RCA encompasses 53,000 square feet of facility space, nearly 100 beds, and an on-site PBMC isolation lab.
CenExel RCA has a proven record in recruiting, exceeding 100% of patient target.
CenExel RCA leadership guides the CenExel Psychiatric Scientific Advisory Board.
CenExel RCA centralizes budgeting and contracting for faster study start-up.
group of people
CenExel RCA serves a diverse demographic of 6.2M people in the surrounding area.

Center Leadership

Sarah Kazmi MD

Sarah Kazmi, MD

VP and General Manager

Dr. Kazmi is bringing 15 years of extensive experience in Phase I-IV clinical trials spanning many therapeutic areas. She has a strong leadership background and a proven track record of managing large clinical research sites.

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Reaching new heights in clinical research

Our Centers of Excellence provide unparalleled medical and scientific support in the design and execution of clinical trials. Our attention to detail assures quality, reliable results, and has helped CenExel to consistently achieve and exceed patient recruitment goals. We deliver the expertise, engagement, and results to ensure our clients achieve their clinical research goals.

To speed up study implementation, we provide centralized budgeting and contracting for sponsors engaging multiple Centers of Excellence. The geographic diversity of our network offers strong access to roughly 35 million subjects while our broad therapeutic expertise enables a variety of clinical trial strengths.

Top Therapeutic Areas of Expertise

Alzheimer’s Disease
Anxiety Disorder
Bipolar Disorder
Depressive Disorders
Parkinson’s Disease

Seasonal Influenza
Pandemic Influenza

Acute Post-op Pain:
Open Hernia Repair
Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Healthy Volunteer (all ages)
Sleep Apnea
Women’s Health

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