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Analgesia Clinical Trials – What you should know but probably don’t

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Biomarkers in Early Phase Clinical Trials

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Psychometric Rater Stress and Burnout

Salt Lake City, Utah, May 29, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Poster presented today at American Society of Clinical Pharmacology (ASCP) Annual Meeting in Miami Beach, Florida, shows:   High levels of work stress and burnout in raters for psychiatric and neurological...

Global Raters’ Work Stress and Task Burnout

Global Raters’ Work Stress and Task Burnout:An Empirical Exploration of Our Primary Endpoint Evaluators Written by: Elan A. Cohen,1 Judy Montero,2Vera M. Grindell,3 Katarzyna Wyka,4 Howard A. Hassman,1David P. Walling,3  Cassie L. Blanchard,1Mark G. Opler,5David...

Validation of a suite of ERP and QEEG biomarkers

Validation of a suite of ERP and QEEG biomarkers in a pre-competitive, industry-led study in subjects with schizophrenia and healthy volunteers   Written by: M. Cecchi a,*, M. Adachi b, A. Basile c, D.L. Buhl d, H. Chadchankar e, S. Christensen f, E. Christian g,...

Electrophysiology Based Biomarkers as Outcome Measures

Electrophysiology Based Biomarkers as Outcome Measures, Demonstrate Signal Detection and Reliability in a Simulated Clinical Trial at an Experienced Clinical Research Center Evaluating Study Drug (Ketamine) and Placebo Larry Ereshefsky1, Marco Cecchi2, Elan Cohen3, K....

FDA Approves ABRYSVO for RSV

In the last week, the FDA approved the first maternal vaccine designed to safeguard infants from respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) during the critical period immediately from birth up to 6 months of age, when they are most vulnerable to infection. RSV, a highly...

Placebo and Nocebo Response Mitigation

Empirical Strategies to Mitigate Placebo and Nocebo Effects CenExel sites are committed to enhancing understanding of the causes and implications of the placebo and nocebo effects within central nervous system and internal medicine clinical trials and developing...

CenExel FCR Wins Best of the Best

Tampa, Florida, July 26, 2023 /GlobeNewswire/ — CenExel FCR has been named the 2023 Tampa Bay Times People's Choice, Best of the Best in Clinical Research. This remarkable achievement showcases CenExel FCR's unwavering dedication to advancing medical knowledge and...

Stuart Goldblatt Joins CenExel as CEO

Salt Lake City, July 17, 2023 /GlobeNewswire/ — The CenExel Board of Directors is delighted to announce that Stuart Goldblatt has joined CenExel as our new CEO effective July 17, 2023. Tom Wardle will transition to the role of Executive Chairman, CenExel Board of...