Wisdom Teeth 101: When is it time to get them removed?

Dec 11, 2014Clinical Trial, Healthy Volunteer, Wisdom Teeth Removal

If you have ever received an X-ray that reveals that you at least one wisdom tooth, it is very likely that you will need to have wisdom tooth removal. Even if your wisdom teeth are not causing you pain, your Salt Lake City dentist may recommend that you still get the teeth removed. Here are four reasons why:

Wisdom tooth removal is recommended if the tooth is impacted.

Impacted wisdom teeth are teeth that do not have the room to grow in normally. If you have an impacted tooth, it may grow at a number of angles that can cause a complication.

There are three common types of wisdom tooth impaction: soft tissue impaction, partial bony impaction, and full bony impaction. If your dentist tells you that you have an impacted wisdom tooth, knowing the type of impaction will help you prepare for the removal.

Wisdom teeth removal can prevent jaw and tooth damage.

Wisdom teeth are called “third molars”, because they sit behind the second molars (the teeth in the back of your mouth). When your mouth does not have the space for a wisdom tooth to grow, it bumps with your other teeth and can cause damage to the teeth next to it.

Your jaw may also be at risk of being damaged if the tooth is stuck in the jawbone. The nerves in the jaw can easily come in contact with a wisdom tooth, so jaw pain may mean it is time for you to have your wisdom teeth removed.

Wisdom tooth removal surgery can improve sinus issues.

If you’ve been experiencing a high level of sinus pressure, it may be time to get your wisdom teeth removed. If an X-ray reveals that you have wisdom teeth in the top of your mouth, the roots of these teeth may be in your sinus cavity. Even if the roots of the tooth are not directly in the sinuses, having the teeth close may still affect you.

The sinus membrane is very thin, so removing the wisdom tooth before any type of infection or bacteria is present will make for an easier wisdom tooth removal procedure. The removal process will also relieve some pressure on your sinuses.

If you have had braces, you may want to get the wisdom teeth removed. Wisdom teeth can shift your teeth and realign your teeth. Braces and other orthodontic measures fix any overcrowding issues in the mouth, but wisdom teeth add pressure to the corners of the mouth and can undo the work by pushing your teeth together.

Impacted wisdom teeth are usually the culprit behind this, because they are not able to grow normally in the mouth. Having a wisdom tooth removed will create space for the rest of your teeth.

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