Utah Wisdom Teeth Removal: Common Myths Debunked

Mar 2, 2015Clinical Trial, Healthy Volunteer, Wisdom Teeth Removal

No one wants to here a dentist tell them they need wisdom teeth removal. However, there are many wisdom teeth removal myths that may make you unjustifiably hesitant for the procedure.

Read on to learn common myths—and the realities—regarding Salt Lake City wisdom teeth removal.

Wisdom Teeth Myth #1: Wisdom teeth removal is painful

When people think of wisdom tooth removal, they think of puffy cheeks, bruising, and tender teeth and gums. While this is normal in the aftermath of wisdom teeth being removed, any kind of surgery leads to a period of recovery.

The actual procedure, however, is not painful. Depending on the position and condition of your wisdom teeth, you will receive either a local anesthetic, which will numb your teeth and gums, or a general anesthetic, which means you will be unconscious for the entirety of the extraction.

Depending on the length and circumstances of your Salt Lake City wisdom teeth removal procedure, you could feel pressure in your mouth while the dentist or oral surgeon does his or her work. But if you feel pain—assuming you are awake for it—you can let them know and the staff will adjust as necessary to increase your comfort level.

Wisdom Teeth Myth 2: Only kids and teens need wisdom teeth removal

A common conception about wisdom teeth is that if they are going to be removed, it has to be at a young age. However, if you emerge from your teenage years with your wisdom teeth intact, that doesn’t necessarily mean you will have them for life.

Some people may find that their wisdom teeth grow in later in life, leading to issues of overcrowding or impaction. Wisdom teeth that don’t have room to grow can sometimes reorient themselves and grow at unconventional angles, causing problems with otherwise healthy teeth.

Having oral surgery to remove wisdom teeth is, of course, still quite common among younger people. But it should not be cause for worry if you are told when you are older that having your wisdom teeth extracted would be a good idea.

Wisdom Teeth Myth #3: Wisdom teeth removal outs

As with any surgery, it is important to have recovery time built into the time you take off for a wisdom teeth removal procedure. The relative simplicity of Salt Lake City wisdom teeth removal procedures, however, means that you won’t be completely incapacitated.

In fact, lying down is not recommended because it can lengthen the time you may bleed after the Salt Lake City wisdom teeth removal surgery. You should sit up or be propped up with pillows. You do need to take care not to eat solid foods right away, or to suck from a straw because of the damage you might do. You should also refrain from smoking for as long as possible to keep the surgery site clean and not dislodge any blood clots.

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