Type 2 Diabetes Cured?

Jun 24, 2011Clinical Trial

A new study at Newcastle University in Britain revealed a potential cure for Type 2 diabetics. Obese diabetics went on an extremely low calorie diet for  8 weeks and were temporarily cured of the disease. The results of this study indicates that diabetes could be cured.

The study had 11 obese diabetic patients reduce their caloric intake to only 600 calories a day for two months. In the third month seven of the individuals were free of the ailment without resorting to medication or insulin injections.

Researcher Ron Taylor, professor at the university, presented on Thursday the findings at the American Diabetes Association conference. The results showed that switching to a diet of sugar-free drinks and non-starchy vegetables helped the diabetic’s body to remove the fat that clogs their pancreas, allowing the organ to again produce insulin.



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