Post Cardiac Surgery Staph Vaccine Study

May 25, 2011Clinical Trial, Vaccines

Staph infection is caused by a bacteria called Staphylococcus. On average 25% of people normally carry staph bacteria. Patients recovering from surgery with a weakened immune system can be more vulnerable to this disease. There are also antibiotic resistant strains  which are highly dangerous, especially to those recovering from surgery.

JBR Clinical Research is  conducting a clinical trial for those who will be having cardiac surgery, study tests the effectiveness of a vaccine to prevent staph aureus infection in patients 18 and older.

Staff Vaccine Basic qualifications are:

  • 18 years and older
  • Male or Female
  • Patient must be scheduled to undergo cardiothoracic surgery involving a full median sternotomy
  • Ability to complete study

Do you think you qualify? If you do, you may receive:

  • Study related exam
  • Investigational vaccine
  • Compensation up to $300 for time and travel related to the study

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