Not Having Wisdom Teeth Removed

Sep 7, 2011Clinical Trial, Wisdom Teeth Removal

There are some dentists and oral surgeons stating that wisdom teeth removal isn’t always a necessity. The school of thought has been that removing wisdom teeth is a way to post pone the inevitable, but as Dr. Greg J. Huang, chairman of orthodontics at the University of Washington in Seattle stated, “Everybody is at risk for appendicitis, but do you take out everyone’s appendix?” These experts aren’t against wisdom teeth removal, however they say that you should have an assessment done and have a good clinical reason for removal.*

Experts have always told us that if you don’t have wisdom teeth removed when they come in, even if there is no pain or problems, that as an adult you will have more problems. But recent studies have shown this isn’t correct.

Wisdom teeth often don’t fit correctly in the mouth as they come in as a late teen early adulthood, the teeth become abscessed or impacted, this would always be a cause for the teeth to be removed. However, if there aren’t issues with the tooth, they may not need to come out.

*New York Times Health talks about Wisdom Teeth removal and how the opinions of the experts are changing.

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