Lupus Disease Overview

Dec 21, 2011Clinical Trial

Lupus is a disease in which the immune system attacks organs or cells of the body, causing dysfunction and damage. This is an auto-immune disease, a chronic illness that has no cure, although many patients will experience periods where symptoms are absent or inactive.

The most common symptom in lupus is fatigue, for some suffers it’s the only symptom. The next most common symptom is muscle and joint pain with or without swelling. There are several symptoms which are part of the diagnosis criteria:
Malar rash: a butterfly shaped rash on a cheek below the eyes
Discold rash: red raised patches of skin with scaling
Photosensitivity: rashes that occur as a result of sun exposure (this is different from heat rash)
Oral ulcers: painless sores around the nose and mouth, which patients should report to their physician
Arthritis: arthritis lacking in joint deformities as in regular arthritis, but present with swelling and tenderness
Serositis: inflammation of the various “sacs” that surround the heart and lungs, causing pain in the affected areas
Kidney disease: loss of proteins in the urine, as well as swelling in the kidneys
Neurological disorders: this may present as seizures or psychiatric disorders
Blood Tests may show blood disorders. immunological disorders and show positive for anti-nuclear antibodies.

Treatment for lupus may include use of steroids or other immune suppressing agents or anti-malarial drugs, which can aid in the relief of rashes, fatigue and joint and muscular pain.
Anyone diagnosed with lupus should work closely with their physician as each case is different from patient to patient. Working with your physician on your treatment plan can help give you the best results in treating symptoms.

JBR Clinical Research is now conducting a clinical research study for people who have been given a diagnosis of lupus. Eligible participants 18 years and old may receive a no cost investigational medication and compensation up to one thousand dollars for time and travel associated with the study. Those interested in participating in this clinical trial please visit our site and submit your information go to is a Salt Lake City based clinical trial research organization, specializing in pain management and diabetic studies, among other types of clinical trials. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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