JBR Clinical Research Ankle Sprain Study

Jan 19, 2011Clinical Trial

JBR Clinical Research is conducting an ankle sprain study is at the Sportsplex in Kaysville, UT. Last week I was there at an indoor soccer game and a guy on the team I was cheering for rolled his ankle. He hobbled off the field and sat on the side until the game was over. After the game, as few guys from the team were helping him out they passed by the JBR Clinical Research booth. They stopped at the booth and had a qualified nurse take a look at his ankle. Fortunately he just rolled it, not sprain. The folks at the Jean Brown booth suggested he ice it and elevate it as soon as he got home. If it had been sprain however he could have qualified for their ankle sprain study and been eligible to receive up to $200 in compensation.

If you play at the Kaysville Sportsplex keep in mind that Jean Brown is there to help. If you hurt your ankle, have them take a look.it’s the most immediate medical attention you can get. Plus if it is sprain you could get $200 for participation in the study.


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