International Clinical Trials’ Day is May 20th!

May 20, 2014Clinical Trial

Each year, International Clinical Trials’ Day is celebrated around the world on or near the 20th of May. Today, we can celebrate the work we do here at JBR Clinical Research. Thanks to everyone and remember that we are making the difference!

About International Clinical Trials’ Day

In 1747, a Royal Navy surgeon named James Lind set out to find a cure for scurvy, a disease that killed more British sailors than all of Britain’s enemies combined. In his quest for a cure Lind was the first to use what is known today as a randomized clinical trial. Lind took six groups of sailors and gave each group different dietary supplements. The result of the first clinical trial was a stunning success; Lind discovered the cure for scurvy.

May 20th is a day set aside around the world to commemorate the discovery of clinical trials and for organizations, clinical research professionals, and the public to celebrate the impact that clinical research has had on society. It also acknowledges the important work that clinical researchers are still accomplishing every day.

Clinical Trials’ Day: More Than Just a Celebration

The May 20th celebration serves as more than just a self-congratulatory event for clinical researchers to applaud their own endeavors. The 2014 celebration of Clinical Trials’ Day, which takes place in Luxembourg, will promote improved communication of multinational clinical trials. Other key objectives of the celebration include facilitating clinical research that is relevant to the needs of patients and highlighting the important role of patients in clinical research.

The Luxembourg event will also include discussions and presentations to help medical professionals to:

  • Set up clinical studies quickly and effectively
  • Support the life-sciences industry to deliver their research programs
  • Provide research training
  • Work with patients to ensure their needs remain the focus of all research activity

The celebration also serves as an important reminder of the essential role that patients play in the clinical trials. Conferences include partnerships between patients and healthcare practitioners that result in high-quality and relevant research.

Providing Education on Clinical Trials

An important part of the May 20th celebration is educating the public and encouraging them to participate in clinical trials. This includes the initiative to introduce clinical research as part of the curriculum for pupils in their mid teens. This early introduction to clinical trial research will create an informed and well-equipped population of future participants.

Since clinical trials were introduced over 260 years ago they have revolutionized the way that medical knowledge is developed and tested. The effectiveness of clinical trials has made them so common in evaluating treatment, preventing disease, and exploring new solutions that today their importance is largely taken for granted. International Clinical Trials’ Day serves as a reminder of the benefits that clinical trials have brought and will continue to bring to our lives.

If you are interested in learning about the benefits of participating in a clinical research study contact JBR Clinical Research. We are looking for healthy volunteers and you may be compensated for time and travel. For more information, please see the open enrollment clinical trials section on our home page or call JBR Clinical Research at 801-261-2000.

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