I Have an Inguinal Hernia! What Do I Do Now?

Sep 21, 2015Clinical Trial

Chances are that if you’re reading this blog post, you’re in a lot of pain from a hernia in your inner groin, also known as an inguinal hernia, and you’re researching some of the treatment options available to you.

As always, it’s recommended that you make an appointment with your doctor immediately. He or she will provide you with the best details for you and your specific case. While a hernia is painful, it’s generally considered routine if treated early; however, it’s a condition that will not go away on its own. So, be sure to attend to it and not “wait out” the pain.

In general terms, here are a few statistics to consider:

  • Approximately 70% of hernias are inguinal.
  • Most occur in men, but women are susceptible to them as well.
  • Generally occurs in men over age 50+
  • Surgery is the only way to repair an inguinal hernia.
  • There are two surgery options: open or laparoscopic

What causes inguinal hernias?

Hernias are about pressure and weakness (or strain) in your body. Pressure comes from an organ or fatty tissue. Weakness appears in your fascia or muscles. When the two meet, a hernia can be the result and can most often occur in the following scenarios:

  • Persistent coughing or sneezing
  • Lifting heavy objects without support
  • Constipation (straining during a bowel movement)
  • Sudden weight gain

Are you planning on having a hernia repaired?

JBR Clinical Research is conducting a clinical research study for an investigational pain relief implant. Participants that qualify for the study may receive surgery, study related care and medication at no cost to them. Qualified participants may also be compensated for time and travel.

Basic qualifications are:

  • Ages 18 and older
  • Male or Female
  • Healthy
  • Have been planning on a (non-emergent) unilateral inguinal hernioplasty (open laparotomy, tension-free technique)

If you qualify you may receive:

  • No cost Hernia repair
  • No cost study-related care
  • No cost investigational pain relief implant

To see if you are a match for the study, please fill out and submit the form at JBR Clinical Research Hernia Study.

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