Impacted Wisdom Teeth Removal

Jul 7, 2011Clinical Trial, Wisdom Teeth Removal

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Wisdom teeth are part of growing up. Unfortunately, most people don’t have enough room in their mouth for these teeth and they must be surgically removed.  Several medications for managing the pain after wisdom teeth extraction are being studied. If you or someone you know has impacted wisdom teeth and are between the ages of 16 and 27, please complete the form below to see whether you qualify to participate in a study

Basic qualifications are:

  • 16-27 years of age
  • Male or Female
  • Healthy

If you qualify you may receive:

  • Complimentary surgery
  • No cost investigational pain medication
  • Compensation up to $250 for time and travel related to the study is a Salt Lake City based trial research organization, specializing in pain management studies, among other types of  clinical trials. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook
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