Healthy Volunteers Needed for Clinical Studies In Utah

Jan 6, 2016Clinical Trial, Healthy Volunteer

healthy volunteers needed for clinical studies in UtahThere’s a saying that “health is the real wealth” and another that denotes “your happiness is a reflection of your health.” In today’s ever changing medical climate, bold hold true now more than ever. Here’s why healthy volunteers are vital for clinical studies.

Taking care of one’s health is of supreme importance—both in life and, surprisingly, in medical studies. Which makes Thomas Fuller’s quote, “health is not valued until sickness comes,” take on a whole new meaning.

With the emergence of new strains of the flu, like H1N1, and other diseases like type II diabetes, bunion treatment, wisdom teeth extraction, feminine ailments, and more, advanced medicine and pharmaceuticals help to save lives every day.

Helpful drugs to aid and treat these diseases are only developed thanks in part to healthy volunteers who participate in screenings and studies that determine their safety before being released.

Healthy Volunteers Provide Valuable Information

Often times, “clinical trials” are associated with patients who are experiencing health problems. But the reality is that these trials usually begin with studying healthy volunteer participants first—of course, with the main objective being safety first.

Phase 1 of a study first requires examination to see how drugs are metabolized, discover their ease of use, and how they can best be administered.

Benefit of Volunteering

Being part of a clinical trial not only provides valuable information to the medical establishment, but it also provides a tremendous sense of satisfaction for the participants. Assisting with the development of drugs and evaluating their safety and effectiveness not only helps the community of patients who suffer from specific disease, but overall society, too.

Healthy Volunteer Clinical Studies in Salt Lake City

The FDA requires clinical trials to test the efficacy of a new drug before it can be made available to the general public. JBR Clinical Research is a nation leader in conducting these clinical trials and is strictly committed to responsibly sharing our data in a professional manner.

If you are 18 years old or older and healthy, you may be eligible for a variety of studies being conducted in Salt Lake City, Utah. JBR Clinical Research is currently conducting these studies on many medical conditions. If you qualify, you could receive:
•    Study related exam
•    Investigational treatment
•    Compensation for time and travel related to the study

Call 801-261-2000 or complete the online form to see if you qualify. After submitting the form, we will let you know when a study is about to begin that interests you or that you are qualified for.

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