Free Infant Formula Through JBR Clinical Research

Jan 5, 2012Clinical Trial

JBR Clinical Research is conducting a clinical research study to evaluate growth and safety of a low-lactose milk-based infant formula. Participants must be healthy, term infants, and if selected for the study will receive no cost infant formula, health care related to the study and compensation for time and travel.

Basic qualifications are:

  • <14 days post natal age
  • Health term infant (37-42 weeks gestation) of either gender
  • Infants mother is unable or unwilling to breast feed and has had made the decision to formula feed prior to the screening
  • Infants mother is a non-smoker and no history of drug or alcohol abuse
  • At screening infant must be within the 5th and 95 percentile for weight, lenghth and OFC based on the WHO Growth Standards
  • Birth weight 2500 g-4500 g (5.5 lbs-9.2 lbs)

Qualified participants may recieve:

  • Study related exam
  • No cost infant formula
  • Compensation for time and travel to the study is a Salt Lake City based clinical trial research organization, specializing in pain management and diabetic studies, among other types of clinical trials. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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