For Diabetics Exercise Can Be Tough

Jun 13, 2011Uncategorized

Beginning an exercise regiment can be overwhelming, especially for those who are overweight or who have health conditions. Walking can be a great way to exercise for those who need to start out slow, but it can be tough for those who suffer from diabetes. Here are some tips for diabetics:

  • You should always stay hydrated when exercising, but particularly with diabetes, dehydration can be an issue. Be sure to drink plenty of water prior to exercising and continue to drink water during your exercising.
  • Monitor your blood glucose levels, check them before and after exercise this will help you learn how body responds to the work out. If you are at risk for low blood glucose should have a source of carbohydrates with them while exercising.
  • Proper foot wear is essential. Diabetics circulation is easily compromised and a sore on the foot due to poor footwear can lead to ulcers and a slew of additional health problem. Wear polyester or cotton/poly socks to keep feet dry and prevent blisters. Make sure the foot wear is well fitting and comfortable, a silica gel or air insole can help.
  • For diabetics with circulation issues, especially if you experience reduced sensation should not do long walking, jogging or step exercising. Try something else that will give you a good work out, such as swimming, bicycling, chair and arm exercises. Be aware of issues that can arise from weight bearing exercises.
  • If you are intimated or have issues with formal exercises there are other things that can be done for exercise, gardening, housecleaning or even marching/walking in place or around the house during commercial breaks of your favorite TV show can help. Making sure to avoid the sedentary lifestyle is what’s important.
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