Female Healthy Volunteer Clinical Trials for HPV Study

Jan 27, 2016Case Study, Clinical Trial, Healthy Volunteer

healthy volunteers needed for clinical studies in UtahAccording to the Center for Disease Control, the Human Papilloma virus (HPV) is the most common sexually transmitted disease in the United States, and it affects more than 20 million people each year. In fact, it is so common that at least 50% of the population who are sexually active experience it at some point.

Fortunately, in many cases, a healthy body may naturally fight off the virus and allow the cells to return to normal. However, when the body doesn’t fight off HPV, it may turn into genital warts or cancer.  While warts generally appear within a few weeks or months, cancer can go undetected for years.

Statistics of HPV may be somewhat alarming, but advanced medicine and pharmaceuticals are being created every day that can help. However, before these beneficial drugs can be released, they need to be tested. That’s where healthy volunteer clinical trial participants come in.

Provide Valuable Information

Clinical studies help researchers determine if a new treatment is safer and/or more effective than an existing one. The valuable information provided by studying healthy volunteers helps in approving new treatments going forward and determining if they can be made widely available.

These trials may not be effective for everyone. That’s why they are heavily reviewed by doctors and other medical professionals during the study.

Sense Of Pride

Knowing that you are contributing to research that can help others in the future provides a tremendous sense of satisfaction and pride. As a volunteer, you are always allowed to ask questions. You can also trust that your name will never be used in the study results. You will always remain anonymous. 

Female Healthy Volunteer Clinical Trials Study

The FDA requires clinical trials to test the efficacy of a new drug before it can be made available to the general public. JBR Clinical Research is a national leader in conducting these clinical trials and is strictly committed to responsibly sharing our data in a professional manner.


The basic qualifications for the healthy female HPV study include:

* Female ages 25-65 years
* Cannot have had a hysterectomy
* You are healthy
* Cannot be currently pregnant


Participants would come into our facility for a routine Pap smear. The purpose will be to evaluate the Cobas Test—a screening that is performed after collecting a sample via SurePath (a common liquid solution used in pap tests). If selected, you may receive compensation up to $250 for time and travel.

Call us at 801-261-2000 to express your interest or for more information. You’re also welcome to email us: participate@jbrclinicalresearch.com

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