My Feet Are Ugly! Bunions Be Gone!

Sep 14, 2015Clinical Trial, Healthy Volunteer

When it comes to bunions, bumps, and other red sore spots on your feet, know that you aren’t alone. Ugly feet affect even those that walk the red carpet in Hollywood. We just can’t see their feet because they’re covered with long gowns!

But you can probably bet that the local podiatrists’ offices have seen a fair share of requests for, “How can I make my feet pretty again?”

Bunions top the list of painful foot conditions and bunion removal is a frequently requested procedure no matter if you live in Hollywood, Tinseltown, or Anywhere, USA.

With all of the foot molding and folding that high-fashion shoes require, it’s no wonder that approximately 30% of the population suffer from bunions—and getting a pedi simply doesn’t cut it when it comes to this potentially painful affliction.

Genes vs. Jeans

Yes, being a slave to fashion can be a cause when it comes to bunions. But it’s also likely that you can thank your mother and her mother and so on for those awful bumps on the side of your toes. Heredity often plays a role in the shape of your foot, and whether you may get bunions when you get older. You may want to discuss any predisposition you may have to bunions with your family members.

Can I Ever Wear Fashionable Shoes Again?
Whether your bunions are a result of your genes or aggravated by your Gucci shoes, there are fashionable shoe options available from some of the comfort brands. What you want to look for are shoes that:

  • Fit well
  • Have a wide toe box
  • Include good arch supports

There are also other ways to make your feet comfortable, including a variety of foot alignment socks, gel pads, bunion splints, prescriptions, ice or heat, and shoe inserts.

But depending on the severity of your condition, you may have to opt for surgery. You’ll want to talk to a podiatrist about your specific case before you jump to any conclusions.

Salt Lake City Bunion Removal Study
Another option to consider is taking part in a no-cost bunion removal study conducted by JBR Clinical Research located in Salt Lake City. It’s possible that, if selected, you could receive:

  • Study-related exam
  • Study-related pain medication

Space in this bunion study is limited. To see if you are a match for the study, please fill out and submit the form at JBR Clinical Research Bunion Removal Study.

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