Feel Bunions? Skip The Holiday Heels

Dec 16, 2015Case Study, Healthy Volunteer

The holidays are full of sparkle, glittering lights, and cocktail parties, which often mean donning a pair of high heels. But if you suffer from bunions, pumps and platforms can be your worst enemy.

Maybe it’s time to skip being a fashion icon this year and save your feet from the “ho, ho, horrors” of feeling crippled by your shoes for a couple of days following THE big holiday event.

Sure, you may feel sexier when you’ve got 3+ inches beneath you, which is nothing to dismiss. (After all, we want to feel attractive. Studies even suggest that, yes, men are more attracted to women who wear heels.) But there will come a time when you will forgo being a fashion slave because you just can’t stand the pain any longer.

And there’s good reason. Here’s a run down on why high heels aren’t the answer for your excruciating extremities—and the list includes much more than making your bunions burn.

  • One-third of wearers suffer permanent damage to their feet, which can include bunions.
  • Other injuries, like broken bones, strains, and sprained ankles, are on the rise. In fact, one-third of women who wear heels at least three times per week seemingly hurt themselves.
  • Numbness can occur thanks to the pressure put on foot nerves.
  • Plantar fasciitis, shin splints, and tendinitis can result from the shortening of the Achilles tendon.
  • Risk for osteoarthritis of the knee can increase due to the way heels change how you walk, which can also cause back and hip strain.
  • Heels are a common cause for misalignment of your foot bones that, when out of alignment, can put stress on your muscles, tendons, and ligaments—ultimately having an affect on the entire body.

As indicated by this list, holidays can be made merrier when opting for flatter shoes that offer a supportive arch and a wider toe box. Then, just watch. Our bet is your festive spirit will be more cheery and bright when your feet are comfortable.

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