Dr. Todd Bertoch, M.D. With JBR Clinical Research on Fresh Living

Nov 21, 2019Blog

Getting your wisdom teeth removed can be painful not only to your mouth but your wallet too. Dr. Todd Bertoch, M.D. is joining Kari from JBR Clinical Research to tell us how you can qualify for a no-cost wisdom tooth removal.

JBR helps drug companies develop new and better medicines. They specialize in helping develop alternatives to opioids in the face of the opioid epidemic. JBR provides no-cost surgeries like wisdom teeth removal or bunion removal, performed by highly respected board-certified surgeons, and then those participants help evaluate new pain medicines over the next several hours to help determine how effective they are.

Not only is the surgery done at no cost to the participant, who also get additional financial compensation for their time and travel – anywhere from a few hundred to over a thousand dollars depending on the study.

All of their surgeons and anesthesia doctors are board-certified specialists. They all have their own practices but help us out with research as well. All are U.S. trained and no students or interns or residents or any other kind of trainee are ever involved in your surgery.

Dr. Todd Bertoch, M.D. says he is confident that you get better care with us than you would in the regular health care system. On the outside, once your surgery is complete, they are pushing very hard to get you out of their facility so that they can bring in someone else and increase their revenue. With us, you don’t get rushed home to fend for yourself. We have nurses and technicians overseeing your care, checking vital signs, bringing you your food, etc. The study doctor will also be closely monitoring your care. The FDA closely regulates what we do and their primary concern is always your safety, so everything about the study is focused on your safety.

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