Bunions, What Are They?

Jul 19, 2011Clinical Trial


A bunion is a bony bump at the base of the big toe on the joint. As the bump gets better the big toe turns inward toward the second toe, the tissue around the joint becomes swollen and tender.

You are more likely to get bunions if:

  • Your foot is shaped in a way that it puts too much pressure on your big toe. Bunions usually run in families, this tends to be because the inherited shape of the foot makes one more susceptible to this condition.
  • Your foot rolls in when you walk. It’s normal to have a moderate inward roll, but if it’s more severe then bunions can occur.
  • You have flat feet.
  • You wear shoes that are too tight.
Any of these can put pressure on the big toe joint in turn causing pressure on the alignment of the big toe, forming a bunion.
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