Got the Bunion Blues? Bunion Removal and Other Options

Feb 17, 2016Clinical Trial

bunion removal surgery study, jean brown researchIf you have bunions, then you are probably all too familiar with the pain and embarrassment you may feel when it comes to your feet. Bunion removal surgery may have even been something you’ve considered. And with summertime sandal season approaching, you may be looking for some solutions.

Fortunately, shoe designers are becoming increasingly aware of the plight of bunion sufferers. Believe it or not, there are a number of attractive summer looks available that cover your toe area, yet still allow for cool airflow on your feet.

With these more fashionable designs, you have some options to relieve your bunion pain depending on the pattern of the shoe. A small sampling of these products include:

Bunion slings and splints

While these solutions typically wrap around the big toe and fasten at the arch, some models are made in a nude, neutral color that is less noticeable.

Bunion separators

For summer shoes that provide toe coverage, there are separators available that relieve pain when slipped between your toes, yet are very small and hardly noticeable.

Bunion pad and guards

Gel pads help to prevent pain by providing a barrier between your shoe and your toe, and can be worn with almost any footwear. This option also assists with pain mitigation because you can sleep with them on your feet.

Bunion regulators

Designed for use at night, bunion regulators are a rigid appliance that straightens your big toe and holds it in a proper position while you sleep. While regulators can look somewhat like a torture device, they have been known to provide significant relief.

Bunion sandals

If exposing your toes doesn’t bother you, there are a variety of both “beachy” and dressy sandals available that have a molded sole, provide excellent arch support, and include a comfortable toe loop.

Despite all of these solutions, the reality is that surgery may be your only option if you want to wear certain high-fashion sandals again without experiencing the pain of the notorious unsightly bumps. If you believe that surgery is your best solution to bunions, you do have some options available.

Utah Bunion Removal Study

If you’re tired of the pain and appearance of ugly bunions, there’s never been a better time than now to participate in a no-cost bunion removal study that’s being conducted in both Salt Lake City and St. George, Utah.
If eligible, you may be selected as part of a study conducted by JBR Clinical Research. If selected, you could receive:

  • Study-related exam
  • Study-related pain medication

Space in this bunion study is limited. To see if you are a match, please fill out and submit the form at JBR Clinical Research Bunion Removal Study.

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