Benefits of Participating in Clinical Trials

Oct 15, 2017Blog

At JBR Clinical Research, we’re proud to be at the forefront of many pieces of progressive, beneficial clinical research. We’re dedicated to results-driven clinical research for a variety of areas, and one of the most important factors for getting this is drawing good trial participants.

Whether you’re afflicted with a given specific condition being tested or simply looking to contribute to more general, observational studies, there’s always a way to contribute to the greater good as a trial participant. Here are some of the hidden benefits you might find from doing so.

Better Attention and Oversight

If you’re someone who is already a patient for a given condition that’s being tested, you’ll often find sneaky care benefits in clinical trials. Patients often feel they get more attention and oversight in their care since there are frequent designated evaluation points throughout the study. There’s also a dedicated staff working with patients for this specific condition, which can often lead to more direct care than you were experiencing otherwise.

Greater Good

For many of the conditions and illnesses we study, a diagnosis can be very difficult emotionally and can make a huge impact on life. As such, many people feel a sense of greater good when contributing to a clinical trial – experiencing a little discomfort and making a little sacrifice now to help others get better treatment down the line is the kind of good deed that can make anyone feel a bit more positive.

Observational Studies

For those without a specific condition being tested or looking to contribute with minimal commitment, observational studies are frequent. These are generally studies about a rare disease or concept, and while the information gained is unlikely to offer any direct benefit to any disease, it can hopefully be used later to develop new therapies to improve treatment or survival rates for a given condition. One can typically participate in more than one observational study at a time, if one so chooses.

Want to learn more about the benefits of participating in a study, or interested in finding out what it takes to participate in a migraine trial, bunion removal study or one of our other trials? Speak to the experts at JBR Clinical Research today.

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