Basics on Trial Participant Recruitment

Oct 1, 2017Blog

While it’s essential to any clinical study, patient recruitment is also one of the toughest areas of the process. At JBR Clinical Research, recruitment is one of several areas in which we specialize while assisting various clients with clinical trials.

What are some of the most important areas we consider when working on recruitment? Let’s take a look.


The first step of enrollment planning involves us gaining a full understanding of the resources that will be allowed for a given project. We’re careful not to overestimate a site’s capabilities, as this can lead to under-delivering on a study that can damage the reputation of the sponsor who commissioned it. We take the time to inventory all staff, equipment and patient databases to ensure that the study being suggested is indeed feasible.

Ideal Subjects

The success of any form of advertising, including advertising for study participants, is reliant on an understanding of the target audience involved. Our experts will do deep research on the ideal patient population for a given study, determining demographics, motivations, media usage and any other factors that might influence a recruitment campaign. We often begin with inclusion/exclusion criteria to identify the target population.

Patient Database

The best and least expensive patients are the ones that come directly from a database or practice associated with commissioning the study. For this reason, we generally begin patient recruitment with an internal focus – reviewing a patient database and contacting subjects who might be eligible. We use a combination of phone calls, emails, social media and even print mail to promote the study and recruit subjects.

Sponsor Considerations

If working with a sponsor, a documented plan goes a long way to demonstrating the kind of accountability we look to impress upon all our clients. We develop a written plan specific to a given study, including budget allocation, estimated expenses and metrics to summarize a potential return on investment.

To learn more about our process for recruitment, or to participate in a pink eye clinical studies, a migraine trial or a bunion removal study, contact JBR Clinical Research today.

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