3 Facts About Birth Control

Nov 3, 2015Clinical Trial, Healthy Volunteer

When it comes to birth control, there is no such thing as an easy, one-type-fits-all solution. There are many choices available and many factors to consider, including:

  • Number of partners
  • Overall physical health
  • Intercourse frequency
  • Side effects
  • Both physical and usage comfort levels
  • Desire to have children in the future

While you take the time to learn about all of the methods available, there are a few facts to keep in mind.

There is no “best” birth control

Birth control is a very personal matter for many women, yet it can often be confusing which method to choose. That’s because there is really no method or brand that is deemed #1. Each and every birth control has its pros and cons. It all boils down to what works best for YOU personally—and it’s something you and your doctor can discuss and explore together.

It takes practice and diligence

Regardless of which method you choose for birth control, be it abstinence, hormonal methods (patches, shots, oral contraceptives, vaginal ring etc.), barrier methods (condoms, foams, sponges, etc.), the rhythm method, or other means, it requires commitment and follow through on your part.

For example, if you choose abstinence, you have to remain abstinent. There’s no “cheating.” Likewise, it often takes practice to insert and use barrier methods correctly. With hormonal options, you have to remain diligent to ensure you consistently follow through on time each and every month. Even with the rhythm method, you must vigilantly track and record your temperature so that you know when you’re ovulating and thus know when it’s a safe time to have sex.

It can fail

It’s a straight up fact that birth control can fail. But your chances of getting pregnant are greatly decreased if you strictly follow the directions given with the method you choose. Be smart and keep an open dialogue with your doctor when using birth control. When you’re informed and proactive, it can work for you.

Birth control study
As you’ve probably discovered, there are many choices when it comes to birth control, so it is often difficult to know which one is right for you. Most likely, cost will be another factor you’ll take into consideration. If you would like to learn about a no-cost option that is available in Salt Lake City, Utah, please follow the link below.

If eligible, you may be able to take part in an investigational vaginal ring study conducted by JBR Clinical Research. It’s possible that, if selected, you could receive:

  • Study-related exam
  • The investigational vaginal ring for birth control for up to one year
  • Compensation for time and travel

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