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Elevate your clinical trials with CenExel’s expert-driven solutions. Our world-class PIs, advanced patient engagement strategies, premium data analytics, and integrated operations optimize every step of your trial process.

The result? Faster timelines, reduced risks, and successful delivery of life-changing therapies.

Our Difference

Today’s clinical trial landscape demands scientific and therapeutic expertise, medical research precision, and the right clinical site network partner.

With over 40 years of experience, CenExel’s leading nationwide clinical research site network helps the life sciences meet their clinical trial objectives with accuracy, precision, and speed.

A recognized leader in complex early phase CNS trials, we are equally adept at managing early and later phase trials across other therapeutic areas. Our dedicated, highly experienced teams ensure optimal planning and execution of even the most challenging studies.

Together, we can bring innovative treatments to patients faster, changing lives one trial at a time.

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Central Nervous System

As the CNS landscape expands, life science organizations are grappling with historically high failure rates due to disease heterogeneity, lengthy regulatory pathways, and patient enrollment challenges.

Delivering novel CNS therapies demands scientific expertise, advanced tools, and targeted early R&D approaches.

With four decades of experience in psychiatry, neurology, pain, psychedelics, and sleep, CenExel is uniquely positioned to help you accelerate the development of life-changing treatments for CNS patients and their families.

Develop. Enroll. Succeed.

Leading the charge in innovative CNS therapies

Leverage our renowned scientific experts, operational know-how, advanced strategies and data-driven insights to navigate complex CNS trials.

Explore each drop down to the right to learn more about CenExel’s unparalleled CNS domain expertise.


In the U.S., 20% of the population suffers from mental illness, creating a critical need for innovative treatments. CenExel is dedicated to partnering with you to bring hope and relief to those in need.

Complex psychiatric trials require specialized scientific and operational knowledge. Our extensive team includes scientific, recruitment, rating, and other experts, ensuring that your trials progress efficiently. We support a wide range of conditions including mood disorders, anxiety disorders, behavioral disorders, combination disorders, and rare indications.

CenExel has conducted over 1,000 studies across pediatric, adolescent, adult, and senior populations, focusing on Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder, Depression, Anxiety, and other psychiatric diseases.

Our psychiatric clinical sciences team excels in designing first-in-human studies with unique biomarkers and critical endpoints. Our expert raters and data monitors ensure high-quality efficacy and safety outcomes. Together, we have cared for over 20,000 trial participants in the last five years at 15 sites.


With many neurologic indications lacking effective treatments, CenExel employs innovative scientific, research, and patient recruitment methods to help you address these challenges. From movement to memory disorders, brain degeneration to spinal injuries, the right study design and operational know-how is critical to success. We excel in helping design and enroll patients for these complex studies, ensuring robust, reliable, and timely outcomes.

Our research Centers of Excellence are at the forefront of neurology research trials in the U.S., having conducted more than 150 clinical protocols in neurology over the past five years. Our experts are highly trained and experienced in the areas of Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Dementia, Migraines, Multiple Sclerosis, and more.

We are dedicated to improving treatments and bringing hope to patients and their families.


We are foremost experts in the design, execution, analysis, and interpretation of studies in post-operative acute pain. Our Salt Lake City, UT site is a global dental pain leader, having conducted 100+ clinical trials on 15,000 patients using the 3rd molar extraction model. It opened 40+ years ago and has an AAAASF-certified operating room.

With mentorship from the UT location, we are now leading in Phase I—IV hard and soft tissue analgesic research, using bunionectomy, hernia, abdominoplasty, and total knee arthroplasty pain models. Our board-certified PIs conduct analgesia trials at 12 of our locations coast to coast.


CenExel is advancing Psychedelic clinical research as it explores the therapeutic potential of hallucinogenic substances in treating mental health disorders and enhancing overall well-being.

We are dedicated to ensuring these studies are accessible to an array of patient populations, allowing our sites to consistently achieve the highest percentage of diverse participants enrolled in psychedelic trials.

Our scientific team provides critical consultation on translational approaches such as imaging and EEG to illuminate an IPs dose-response effects on pharmacodynamic biomarkers.  These experts have undergone hundreds of hours of facilitator/dose session monitor training, and many have taken the distinguished psychedelic-assisted facilitator certification program.


In its last published report, the CDC noted that 14.5% of adults had trouble falling asleep, and 17.8% had trouble staying asleep. This rapidly expanding field of research is also becoming more complex.

Our board-certified neurologists, registered polysomnography (PSG) technicians, scorers, and other experienced staff have conducted clinical trials for pediatric, adolescent, adult, and senior populations. Our medical research expertise spans insomnia, sleep apnea, shift work disorder, jet lag, restless leg syndrome, narcolepsy, and driving simulations, among other areas.

Early Phase

CenExel is pioneering innovative early phase studies, empowering smarter decisions, faster. From simple to complex study designs and assessments, sponsors and CROs rely on us for our expertise, technology and clinical and operational excellence.

To improve success rates in pivotal trials, early phase studies have evolved to include pharmacodynamic biomarkers and experimental medicine approaches that inform decision making in clinical development.

The strategic application of biomarker strategies, coupled with our proactive, highly coordinated approach to patient recruitment, enables Sponsors and CROs to achieve successful late-stage trials, smooth regulatory submissions, and improved patient outcomes.

CenExel is at the forefront of implementing strategies that provide decision- making power, changing the landscape of early phase trials.

Unlock potential with biomarkers

Look to CenExel to guide phase-appropriate biomarker strategies suited to your clinical development needs, including:

  • Validated biomarkers to establish Proof-of-Mechanism (PoM) and Proof of Concept (PoC)
  • Novel biomarkers to explore additional Mechanisms of Action (MoAs) and indications

Gain insights early. Be confident in go/no-go decisions.

Unmatched early phase scientific expertise

As a leading early phase provider, CenExel helps life science companies maximize value and mitigate risk.

Our scientific Clinical Sciences consulting team helps optimize clinical development plans and protocols.

Our renowned, highly specialized PIs provide medical knowledge and connectivity throughout our integrated site network to ensure you program’s success.

Flexible solutions at scale

Flexible and integrated infrastructure at scale facilitates flawless execution, supporting you early phase needs from the start.

Regardless of the challenge, CenExel’s proven, innovative multi-site solution delivers:

  • An extensive research network
  • Over a dozen inpatient units with 600+ beds
  • Standardized procedures
  • Harmonized technology
  • Superior quality data
  • Enrollment and study success

Empowering smarter decisions, faster

Partner with CenExel to help you rise to the challenge.

From simple to complex early phase study designs and assessments, sponsors and CROs rely on us to deliver outstanding trial outcomes.

Clinical Science

CenExel’s Clinical Sciences division plays a pivotal role in early-phase pharmaceutical development. We provide expert guidance and strategic insights to help you accelerate the advancement of novel therapies.

Our team of experts specialize in supporting you with establishing proof of concept, optimizing dose selection, and overcoming patient recruitment challenges. With deep scientific industry knowledge, early development and clinical pharmacology excellence, and a data-driven approach, we help you design rigorous clinical protocols that meet safety criteria, regulatory requirements, and ethical standards. We emphasize the use of fit-for-purpose biomarkers, measures, and endpoints to ensure robust study design and meaningful outcomes.

Our consultancy illuminates early-stage decisions, enabling clear go/no-go milestones from initial protocol development to regulatory submission and beyond.

Optimize your drug development strategy.

Patient Recruitment

CenExel’s patient centric study recruitment approach consistently exceeds 100% of patient target.

Our in-house team of marketing and recruitment experts execute a pragmatic approach, combining precision targeting, strategic media placement, and the infusion of compelling creative and messaging that resonates with relevant local, culturally diverse populations.

We ensure a strong connection with potential participants and influencers, driving qualified candidates to actively participate in your trials.

The result? Efficient study enrollment, expedited trial timelines, and optimal study outcomes.

Precise. Pragmatic. Proven.


With fully integrated site and corporate functions, CenExel ensures consistent, high-quality research outcomes across all sites, enabling faster, higher quality trials.

We exemplify integration by uniting clinical expertise, technology, feasibility, regulatory oversight, data management, quality assurance, contracting, and patient recruitment and retention across our research network.

Our integrated organizational culture promotes collaboration, innovation, and a commitment to excellence in every aspect of our operations. Complete integration drives efficiency and reliability at scale – empowering CenExel to help advance medical science and deliver impactful clinical research solutions for our customers.

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Other Capabilities

In addition to our core areas of expertise, CenExel offers a diverse range of capabilities to meet specific research needs.

We augment our portfolio with additional capabilities, study areas, and operational know-how, including Ethnic Bridging, Dermatology, Vaccines, Obesity/Diabetes, Ophthalmology, and PET Scans. This broadens our ability to deliver tailored solutions for diverse therapeutic needs, supporting early-phase trials and ensuring comprehensive clinical research support.

Committed. Innovative. Comprehensive.

Ethnic Bridging
Ethnic Bridging

Asian countries are expediting drug development through bridging studies, which underscore the potential for unity in clinical research. These studies offer accelerated drug availability and broader access for populations that have traditionally experienced delays in accessing new medications.

Embracing ethnic bridging shortens timelines, reduces costs, and increases asset value, ultimately paving the way for more inclusive, effective, and safer drug development processes. CenExel maintains multiple sites in the Los Angeles area that are experienced in recruiting for these studies.

Our clinical and recruitment teams are fluent in Japanese, Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese), and Korean and are available during screening and consent process, throughout the study, and on the clinical research unit. Staff receive regularly scheduled cultural sensitivity training to understand each ethnic groups different expectations which is essential to demonstrating awareness and acceptance of cultural differences, a critical factor in successful recruitment and retention.


From skin cancer to skincare to genetic and rare skin disorders, expertise and diversity are required for advancement in derma-related therapies. We have strategies to ensure your molecule is evaluated on the right patients. Our pathology labs and quality imaging devices are uniquely resourced for dermatology studies.

Our experts have conducted 180+ trials over the last 5 years, enrolling 2200+ patients at well over 100% enrollment goal.

Infectious Diseases and Vaccines
Infectious Diseases and Vaccines

The dynamic nature of vaccines requires fast and efficient immune response and tolerability data. Our expert investigators closely collaborate with program managers on infectious, biodefense, rare, seasonal, and pandemic indications. When pharma companies need multiple sites, they often rely on ours to enroll needed patients.

Our Vaccine Center of Excellence is dedicated to operational delivery. We implement real-time and 100% quality control, offer peripheral blood mononuclear cell (PBMC) isolation, and have multiple systems to prevent dishonest enrollees. Starting in 1982, our 14 vaccine sites have conducted studies in populations from 6 months to 85 years.

Women's Health
Women’s Health

At CenExel, we are committed to advancing the field of women’s health through rigorous clinical research. Our specialized teams delve into a diverse array of women’s health issues, from reproductive health to menopausal symptoms, with a focus on improving outcomes and quality of life.

We conduct comprehensive studies addressing various aspects of women’s health, including gynecological conditions, hormonal disorders, and breast health.

Utilizing cutting-edge research methodologies, we strive to uncover new insights and develop innovative treatments tailored to the unique needs of women.


Leading the charge in obesity and diabetes research, CenExel is dedicated to finding effective treatments and interventions for these increasingly prevalent conditions. Our multidisciplinary approach combines expertise from various fields, including endocrinology, nutrition, and behavioral science, to tackle the complex challenges posed by obesity and diabetes.

By conducting cutting-edge clinical trials, we aim to uncover new insights into the underlying mechanisms of these conditions and help pharma and biotech develop innovative therapies that improve patient outcomes and quality of life.


Driving innovation in the treatment of various eye conditions, CenExel’s dedicated team of ophthalmologists, researchers, and technicians works tirelessly to advance ophthalmology research. We support studies focused on a wide spectrum of ophthalmic conditions, including macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, and cataracts.

We leverage scientific expertise and advanced imaging technologies to drive innovation in diagnosis and treatment, offering new hope for patients and contributing to advancements in eye care.

PET Scans
PET Scans

CenExel is proud to offer cutting-edge PET scan capabilities as part of our comprehensive suite of imaging services. PET imaging plays a crucial role in diagnosing and monitoring various diseases, allowing for early detection and personalized treatment planning. Here’s how our PET scan capabilities benefit your trial:

  • High-Resolution Imaging: Our PET scanners utilize advanced technology to deliver high-resolution images with exceptional clarity, enabling precise localization and characterization of disease processes.
  • Multimodal Imaging Integration: We integrate PET imaging with other modalities, such as CT and MRI, to provide comprehensive anatomical and functional information for a more thorough assessment of disease.
  • Expert Interpretation: Our team of experienced radiologists and nuclear medicine specialists ensures accurate interpretation of PET images, providing clinicians with valuable insights to guide patient management decisions.
  • Research Collaboration: We actively collaborate with pharmaceutical companies to conduct PET imaging studies that contribute to the development of novel diagnostic tools and therapeutic agents.

Beyond CNS

Driven by our mission to improve global human health, we can align with you in areas beyond CNS. Breakthroughs are top of mind everyday at CenExel.

Explore other areas in the drop down to the right.