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We have been serving the pharmaceutical industry since 1986, and are fortunate to have developed preferred provider agreements with several major pharmaceutical companies and CROs.

We focus on delivering quality research; our structure allows us to centralize key administrative functions to reduce unnecessary distractions of clinical staff, while sharing best practices and cross-training to improve overall efficiency. We focus on quality people, teamwork, and highly experienced clinical research managers with a history of success.


Our centers of excellences are the world’s foremost experts in the design, execution, analysis and interpretation of clinical studies in Post-Operative Acute Pain.  JBR Clinical Research is the premier dental pain clinical research site in the world, having conducted more than 90 clinical trials on 13,000 patients, using the 3rd molar extraction model for development of new and safer analgesic medications.  JBR and Anaheim Clinical trials are the premier hard and soft tissue analgesic research sites in the U.S. using the bunionectomy, hernia, abdominoplasty and total knee arthroplasty pain models.

Our team members are highly trained using proprietary analgesic rater training methodologies to assure the highest quality of clinical research data. Our board-certified principal investigator physicians are clinical experts and key opinion leaders. Our Scientific Advisory Board includes Stephen Cooper, DMD PhD and Paul Desjardins, DMD PhD, foremost experts in analgesic drug development.


Our research centers of excellence in Atlanta, Georgia (ACMR) and Gaithersburg, Maryland (CBH) represent two of the most experienced clinical research sites in the United States in psychiatry clinical research. We have conducted more than 800 studies in schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety and other psychiatric indications.

Our Principal Investigators are regularly consulted by sponsors as key opinion leaders in clinical development programs of new chemical entities. A key differentiator is their breadth of experience in the design and practical implementation of clinical research studies. We provide state of the art clinical research oriented psychiatric care in our dedicated in-patient clinical research units, comprising more than 300 beds. Our goal is to help our patients contribute to clinical research and make a difference in the understanding of the disease. CBH has developed collaborations in early-phase biomarker capability with the University of Maryland, and imaging capability with Johns Hopkins University.


Our research Centers of Excellence in Atlanta, Georgia and Gaithersburg, Maryland are some of the most experienced clinical research sites in the United States in neurology and psychiatry clinical research. Our Centers of Excellence have conducted more than 120 clinical protocols in Neurology over the past 5 years. Our clinical coordinators, clinicians and Principal Investigators are highly trained and experienced in the areas of Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, Migraines, Multiple Sclerosis, among others. Our clinical raters are very experience and regularly participate in training to assure the highest quality and reliability of these critical endpoint assessments.

Asian/Japanese Bridging

Our research Center of excellence in Anaheim, California is the most experienced site in the United States in the conduct of Asian Bridging studies. In the past 3 years alone, we have enrolled more than 900 patients across 20 studies, with most of these as single center studies. Our clinical team is comprised of native Japanese clinical coordinators and patient recruitment specialists.

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