Treatment Resistant Depression Clinical Trials Maryland


We are a clinical trials center located in Gaithersburg, Maryland. We work with patients nationwide, and provide transportation to eligible research participants within the Baltimore-Washington DC Metro Area.

Depression is a difficult and painful condition; one that can leave you feeling there is no hope. Our treatment resistant depression clinical trials can offer you a new option when all the antidepressants you’ve tried haven’t worked; or haven’t worked enough.

Factors that predispose someone to treatment resistant depression include: 

Duration of the episode- the longer the episode of depression, the more difficult it is to resolve the depression.

Severity of the episode- the more severe the episode, the more difficult it is to feel better. 

Lack of improvement within first few weeks of treatment

There are other factors which may play a part in maintaining treatment resistant depression. If you have tried many treatments but nothing has really worked, please inquire about our studies for treatment resistant depression. 

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