Inpatient Schizophrenia Research Study


We are currently recruiting for several schizophrenia trials, both inpatient and outpatient. These are paid clinical trials. 

Some will require inpatient stay in our 20 bed clinical research unit; while others will enroll on an outpatient basis, so you can come and go from your appointments as scheduled. 

If you, or someone you love, has been diagnosed with schizophrenia, here’s what you need to know about enrollment in our clinical trials: 

  • We work with generally healthy volunteers, usually between the ages of 18-65
  • Most trials do not accept participants with active substance abuse or alcohol abuse
  • Some trials enable the patient to remain on their existing medication
  • Some trials look for those who have been stable for three months or more

At CBHHealth, we offer a variety of post-study care options. Our goal is to provide a high quality of care with the best results. Many of our patients participate in multiple studies over the course of their connection with our organization. 

If you’d like to learn more about our current schizophrenia research trials, please complete and submit the form below: