Psychedelic Facilitators Undergo Certification Training

Nov 3, 2022 | Blog, CenExel, CenExel HRI, Medical Specialties, Neurology, News, Pain Management


After decades of prohibition, psychedelic research has entered a renaissance within the scientific community. Once associated with hippie counterculture in the 60s and 70s, psychedelics are now receiving the reverence and critical consideration long sought by forward-thinking thought leaders. This paradigm shift has led to a wave of research and development in psychedelic compounds, slated to address the clinically significant unmet needs for psychiatric illnesses, including TRD, MDD, PTSD, GAD, and substance use disorders.

CenExel Centers of Excellence (CenExel ACMR, CenExel CBH, CenExel CIT, CenExel CNS, CenExel HRI, CenExel iResearch, CenExel JBR, CenExel RCA) are committed to the advancement of innovative medicines to ameliorate the lives of millions of individuals suffering from mental illness and substance use disorders. Our Clinical Sciences team, comprised of Dr. Larry Ereshefsky, Dr. Brett English, Dr. Robert Litman, along with Principal Investigators Dr. Djouher Hough, and Dr. Haig Goenjian, have developed fit for purpose go-to-clinic strategies encompassing pharmacology, regulatory, and protocol-development consultation services, as well as meticulous clinical trial execution.

Our team’s dedication to understanding the mechanisms of action for psychoactive compounds and preserving the intentionality of psychedelics work is evidenced by continuing advanced training that our clinical team has undergone to become skilled psychedelic-assisted facilitators. CenExel regards advanced training in psychedelics as a fundamental responsibility for our clinicians, and as such, members of our team have undergone distinguished psychedelic-assisted facilitator certification programs for current and upcoming clinical trials. Our thoughtful approach to this work and fidelity to participant care will continue to evolve at unmatched levels, continuing to propel CenExel as the premier go-to for psychedelic clinical trials.

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