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Electrophysiology Based Biomarkers as Outcome Measures

Electrophysiology Based Biomarkers as Outcome Measures, Demonstrate Signal Detection and Reliability in a Simulated Clinical Trial at an Experienced Clinical Research Center Evaluating Study Drug (Ketamine) and Placebo Larry Ereshefsky1, Marco Cecchi2, Elan Cohen3, K....

Psychedelic Facilitators Undergo Certification Training

Psychedelic Facilitators Undergo Certification Training

Our Clinical Sciences team, comprised of Dr. Larry Ereshefsky, Dr. Brett English, Dr. Robert Litman, along with Principal Investigators Dr. Djouher Hough, and Dr. Haig Goenjian, have developed fit for purpose go-to-clinic strategies encompassing pharmacology, regulatory, and protocol-development consultation services, as well as meticulous clinical trial execution.

PCRS: Essential Perspectives from the End User

CenExel is proud to highlight the poster presented at the Annual CNS Summit, November 2022, Boca Raton, FL. ABSTRACT Introduction: Placebo and nocebo responses continue to hinder potential treatment effects (Haflioadottiret al., 2021). The Placebo-Control Reminder...

Placebo-Control Reminder Script

General medicine studies are not immune to the placebo effect, where 30-40% of patients report improved subjective and objective outcomes in general medical studies (Hrobjartsson & Gotzsche, 2001). The high placebo response has been shown to be increasing as time progresses (Kemp et al., 2010; Loebel et al., 2010; Rief et al., 2009; Tuttle et al., 2015), with such ramifications as several pharma companies reducing or closing their psychiatric as well as general medicine R&D, increased costs for drug development, more inconclusive and failed trials, and delays in the development of new medications (Alphs et al., 2012).