Bad Shoes: A Bunion’s Best Friend

Aug 13, 2015 | CenExel JBR, Clinical Trial

Bad Shoes: A Bunion’s Best Friend

Aug 13, 2015CenExel JBR, Clinical Trial

Admit it, ladies—and let’s not leave out the gentlemen here—at some point in your life, you’ve been a slave to fashion footwear. It’s easy to do. You see a pair of shoes that have a “look” that you love, so it’s easy to dismiss the fact that they bind, pinch, and rub your feet.

Despite the pain, you buy them. (Face it, compliments are nice.)

The truth is, those amazing shoes you “just had to have,” could be the guilty culprit for causing painful bunions down the road. While heredity can also play a role in the formation of bunions, bad-fitting footwear is just as much to blame.

And when it comes to remedying bunions, the old adage “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” really holds meaning if you are facing painful surgery. Investing in proper footwear now, can save you a lot of pain and money later. Here’s what to look for in comfortable, podiatrist recommended shoes:

Measure Foot with Every New Pair of Shoes
As we age, our feet continue to grow and change. What may have been a size 8 last year of a certain style and brand, may become a size 8.5 this year. Also, sizes vary between brands, so it’s always wise to have your foot measured every time you buy shoes. You may even want to consider seeking out shoe stores that specialize in walking shoes. And remember, fashion and comfort do mix with high-end shoe designers.         

Wide Toe Box, Low Heels
Leave the high-heeled, narrow, and pointy shoes for the high-fashion runway models. Wide toe boxes allow your feet to expand while you walk and don’t rub. Shoes that constrict your feet in any way could create problems later.

Good Arch Supports/Orthotics
You should have roper weight distribution between the arch of your foot and the ball of your toe. If you don’t, it could cause your feet to flatten and can cause strain, which can lead to a whole host of foot problems, including bunions.

Stretchable, Breathable, Flexible
Many of today’s flat and ballet-style shoes are made from materials that are stretchy and soft, allowing your foot to expand and move easily while you walk, rather than constrict and rub.

Salt Lake City Bunion Removal Study
If you already experience painful bunions, you may want to consider taking part in a no-cost bunion removal study in Utah conducted by JBR Clinical Research located in Salt Lake City. If you qualify and are selected, you may receive:

  • Study-related exam
  • Study-related pain medication

Space in this bunion study is limited. To see if you are a match for the study, please fill out and submit the form at JBR Clinical Research Bunion Removal Study.