5 Remedies for Bunion Pain

Nov 25, 2014 | CenExel JBR

5 Remedies for Bunion Pain

Nov 25, 2014CenExel JBR

The foot pain caused by bunions can interfere with your life. If you have grown tired of dealing with bunion pain consider the following methods of treating the discomfort.

1. Bunion shields and padding – Bunions can become more painful when they rub against the inside of your shoes. Bunion shields add a layer of protection between your foot and the inside of your shoe to cushion the bunion and reduce the pain.

Continue to wear the bunion shield under your shoes and socks throughout the day. So long as your shoes have sufficient room it shouldn’t affect your daily activities.

2. Comfortable shoes – You can help reduce bunion pain and irritation by choosing the right kind of shoes. Select shoes with wide toe boxes that don’t put pressure on the bunion or the big toe.

Also wear supportive shoes with good padding and arches. Make sure that your shoes are the right size for you. Wearing shoes that are too small can make bunions worse. If in doubt about what type of shoes your should buy ask your doctor.

3. Foot massage – There are many muscles in the foot that attach to the bones of the big toe and determine the alignment of the toes. Excessive tension in these muscles can cause the bones of the big toe to move out of normal position.

Massaging these muscles relaxes them and brings relief to the foot. A professional foot spa can make all the difference.

4. Professional help – Doctors can take x-rays to diagnose the extent of the bunion deformity. Doctors can also perform a blood test to determine if arthritis is causing the pain.

If the do-it-yourself ventures with aspirin, ice packs, and ointments aren’t making any difference with your bunion pain, your doctor can help you explore other options.

5. Surgery – If your symptoms are severe enough your doctor might recommend bunion surgery, called a bunionectomy. This procedure is performed in a hospital with a local anesthetic or general anesthesia. The surgeon cuts the ligaments at the joint to realign the bone of the big toe. In some cases the surgeon may cut away bone, and insert screws and wires to keep the bones in the big toe aligned.

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