4 Signs You May Need Bunion Removal Surgery

Mar 2, 2015 | CenExel JBR, Clinical Trial, Healthy Volunteer

4 Signs You May Need Bunion Removal Surgery

Mar 2, 2015CenExel JBR, Clinical Trial, Healthy Volunteer

A bunion is a deformity of the metatarsophalangeal (MTP) joint. A bunion develops when the first metatarsal bone of the foot turns outward and the big toe points inward, causing the joint to jut out. When symptoms start impacting everyday life, it may be time to be consider Salt Lake City bunion removal surgery.

Bunions: Causes and Symptoms

There are many reasons why you might be suffering from bunions. Your feet could be changing because you’ve been wearing shoes that don’t fit well or that are too narrow. You could have low arches, flat feet, or loose joints and tendons that make you more likely to get bunions. High heels can exacerbate a potential bunion problem because they tip the body’s weight forward, forcing the toes into the front of the shoe. People in occupations such as teaching and nursing, that involve a lot of standing and walking, are susceptible to bunions.

But how do you know when it’s time to think about Utah bunion removal surgery? Here are four warning signs that should consider Salt Lake bunion removal options.

#1 The bone at the base of your big toe is constantly hurting

When the bone at the base of your big toe is hurting constantly, you might be a candidate for Salt Lake City bunion removal surgery. You may experience pain when walking or when shoes constantly rub against the bone. If you constantly shift your weight to lessen the pressure on your bunions, you may experience discomfort in the ball of the foot.

#2 Your big toe is crooked and points off to the side

A bunion can force your big toe inward, pointing toward and sometimes even over, or on top of your other toes, which can damage other toes. Under the pressure of the big toe, they may develop corns or become bent, forming “hammertoes.”

#3 Your shoes won’t fit anymore

Swelling in the joint on the side of your big toe can interfere with the fit of your shoes. Some people who suffer from bunions resort to buying shoes that are larger or wider instead of undergoing bunion removal surgery. If you have switched from your regular shoes to open-toe shoes just to accommodate a painful bunion, you might need to begin thinking about Salt Lake City bunion surgery.

#4 You get ingrown toenails, blisters

Bunions can cause ingrown toenails and blisters. The skin around the bunion can also become red, irritated, and swollen.

Salt Lake City Bunion Removal Study

JBR Clinical Research is currently conducting a clinical research study in Salt Lake City for an investigational pain drug given after bunion removal surgery. If you are a qualified candidate, you may receive no-cost bunion removal and be compensated for time and travel. See if you qualify.