3 Tips To Paying For Expensive Wisdom Teeth Removal

Jun 24, 2015 | CenExel JBR, Clinical Trial, Healthy Volunteer, Wisdom Teeth Removal

3 Tips To Paying For Expensive Wisdom Teeth Removal

Jun 24, 2015CenExel JBR, Clinical Trial, Healthy Volunteer, Wisdom Teeth Removal

Whether you’re the parent of a teenager or you’re a 30- or 40-something adult who has put it off, facing wisdom tooth extraction is a hard expense to swallow. And depending on what state of health the teeth are in, you could be facing a substantial bill.

So, what should you expect for the procedure and how much should you anticipate paying? There are obviously a lot of variables to consider, but in general you can count on the following:

Typically, it will cost approximately $150 – $500 per tooth for wisdom tooth extraction in Utah. Should complications such as an impacted tooth exist, your cost will run on the higher end of this scale.

While the procedure itself usually takes up to an hour and half, you can expect to spend another two to three days in recovery—eating plenty of soft food and sucking on a lot of ice pops.

Other costs to take into consideration include:

  • Pain medication, antibiotics, and probiotics (to counter the effect of the antibiotics)
  • Soft food to eat while healing (soups, ice cream, apple sauce, juice etc.)
  • Absence from work, whether for yourself or if you’re a parent

No matter how you look at it, surgical removal of wisdom teeth isn’t very “wise” for your wallet, but there are a few options available.


Ah, yes, insurance. The saying “Who can pay for it?” more often than not turns into “I’m really paying for it now by not having insurance.” And when it comes to costly wisdom teeth surgery in Salt Lake City the same mantra may or may not hold true.

If the extraction is deemed medically necessary, dental insurance typically pays 15% – 50% of the bill. Be sure to check with your insurance carrier before the procedure to know what exactly what your coverage includes.

Payment Plan

Many oral surgeons are welcome to setting up low- or no-interest payment plans with their patients, so it’s worth an inquiry before hand. Also, if all four wisdom teeth eventually need to come out, ask your surgeon if he or she offers a discount for extracting all teeth at the same time, rather than doing it individually. Having them all removed together saves substantially on over all cost since you only have to pay for the surgeon and anesthesia once.

Enroll In A Wisdom Teeth Research Study

Another alternative to consider is participating in a research study. It is quite possible that you could qualify for no cost wisdom teeth removal.

Currently, JBR Clinical Research is conducting a clinical trial on a wisdom teeth study in Salt Lake City, Utah and is accepting applications. Qualified participants may also be compensated for time and travel.

Visit the JBR Clinical Research wisdom tooth clinical study page to learn if you may qualify for wisdom teeth extraction at no charge.