Is it Normal Aging?

It is normal to forget things once in a while. But how can you know if your memory problems are due to a serious condition?



Forgets names momentarilyForgets their child’s name
Makes an occasional error in their checkbookHas trouble with familiar recipes or monthly bills
Forgets appointments or events, remembers laterForgets important dates or events
Occasionally needs help with the microwaveHas trouble driving to familiar locations
Momentarily confused about the day of the weekLoses track of dates, seasons and passage of time
Vision changes due to cataractsHas difficulty with reading, judging distance, or colors
Struggles finding the right word, but remembers laterCalls familiar things by the wrong name
Sometimes misplaces things such as glassesPuts things in unusual places, such as keys in the fridge
Sometimes makes bad purchasing decisionsShows exceptionally poor judgment with money
Weary of work, family, social obligationsWithdraws from hobbies, social events or sports
Irritable when a routine is disruptedShows extreme anxiety or anger with change of routine
Forgets conversationsAsks for the same information over and over
Thinks things through slowlyHas trouble following or joining a conversation
Forgets why they went into a room, but then remembersDoesn’t recognize familiar places
Able to recall an incidence of forgetfulnessDoesn’t remember incidence of memory loss
Worries about memory, but no one else doesRelatives worry about memory loss
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