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CenExel Centers of Excellence offer world-class quality and experience. ACT champions that standard.

CenExel ACT is dedicated to assisting pharmaceutical companies find new cures to help patients better manage their healthcare.

CenExel ACT is a medical research center administrating Phase I – 4 clinical trials. For over two decades,CenExel ACT has been dedicated to assisting pharmaceutical companies find new cures to help patients better manage their healthcare. We share in the commitment and are dedicated to providing cutting edge therapy that can assist in managing patients’ chronic medical conditions today and for a lifetime. We are a CenExel Center of Excellence, assuring unparalleled patient engagement, staff expertise, and valuable results.

Over 1,000 clinical trials conducted in the past 20 years.
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Clinical Research Facility
CenExel ACT encompasses 25,000 square feet of facility space, 120 beds, and an on-site, AAAASF-certified OR.
CenExel ACT has a proven record in recruiting, exceeding 100% of patient target.
Taking blood pressure
Full-service, Phase I CRO capabilities provided through strategic partnerships.
CenExel ACT trains staff via pilot studies and analgesic methodology training
group of people
CenExel ACT serves a diverse demographic in the surrounding area.

Center Leadership

Patrick McLaughlin

Patrick McLaughlin

Chief Executive Officer
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Patrick McLaughlin graduated with a degree in Business Administration from the University of Texas-Austin in 1999. Patrick’s entry into the clinical research space was in 1996, when he was recruited to a full-service, multi-specialty dedicated research site, as President. Three years into the position at the Institute of Clinical Research (ICR), sales were up 600% and the ownership group desired to sell the company.

In March of 1999, Patrick was the principal negotiator in arranging a deal that sold ICR to Protocare, a Site Management Organization. Protocare named ICR as one of their premier sites in Centerwatch and one in which other Protocare sites would be modeled after. Shortly after the sale, Protocare was acquired by Radiant Research and ICR to this day is one of Radiant’s leading sites nearly 23 years after its acquisition.

In May of 1999, Patrick started working at Advanced Clinical Research Institute in Anaheim, CA as its Executive Director. Patrick made a decision for the company to enter the Phase I sector after an entire history of exclusively conducting Phase II-IV studies at the facility. Dr. Dennis Riff and Patrick McLaughlin funded the purchase of an 8,800 square foot, dedicated Phase I facility in 2007, and re-branded the company as Anaheim Clinical Trials.

Through years of continued success and the need for additional investment to move the company to the next level and to a much larger state-of-the-art research facility, a decision was made to bring on an additional investment partner which was completed in February 2019. Patrick is now CEO of CenExel ACT.

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Reaching new heights in clinical research

Our Centers of Excellence provide unparalleled medical and scientific support in the design and execution of clinical trials. Our attention to detail assures quality, reliable results, and has helped CenExel to consistently achieve and exceed patient recruitment goals. We deliver the expertise, engagement, and results to ensure our clients achieve their clinical research goals.

To speed up study implementation, we provide centralized budgeting and contracting for sponsors engaging multiple Centers of Excellence. The geographic diversity of our network offers strong access to roughly 35 million subjects while our broad therapeutic expertise enables a variety of clinical trial strengths.

Top Therapeutic Areas of Expertise

Alzheimer’s Disease
Anxiety Disorder
Bipolar Disorder
Depressive Disorders
Parkinson’s Disease

Seasonal Influenza
Pandemic Influenza

Acute Post-op Pain:
Open Hernia Repair
Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Healthy Volunteer (all ages)
Sleep Apnea
Women’s Health

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