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Who is CenExel

Our Centers of Excellence provide unparalleled medical and scientific support in the design and execution of clinical trials. Our attention to detail assures quality results that you can trust. We consistently achieve and exceed our patient recruitment goals. All of our Centers of Excellence have highly experienced Principal Investigator physicians and research staff.

Meet our Centers of Excellence

For over three decades, JBR Clinical Research has partnered with clinical trial sponsors and CROs for accurate, results-driven clinical research studies. We are the most experienced site in the world in Analgesia studies, with significant experience in several other therapeutic indications.

The Atlanta Center for Medical Research conducts Phase I (first-in-human) through Phase IV clinical trials in Psychiatry and Neurology and other medical indications. Our 200-bed inpatient facility is unparalleled as a private clinical research setting, allowing for faster start-up and unencumbered high quality execution.

Anaheim Clinical Trials has been dedicated to assisting pharmaceutical companies find new cures to help patients better manage their healthcare for over two decades. We have an unparalleled record in meeting and exceeding our patient recruitment commitments.

Specializing in Central Nervous System (CNS) disorders for more than 26 years, CBH Health works with individuals with psychiatric illnesses in the greater DC-Baltimore metro area.

Research Centers of America has extensive experience with inpatient and outpatient clinical trials, ranging from pediatric to geriatric populations, with special emphasis on Phase I-III mental health and Central Nervous System (CNS) disorders, substance use disorders, and sleep studies.

Therapeutic Expertise

Engagement. Expertise. Results.

We have conducted thousands of studies. The variety, complexity, and volume of our clinical research engagements has resulted in unparalleled depth of experience and tenure of our clinical personnel.


Our Centers of Excellence are the world’s foremost experts in the design, execution, analysis, and interpretation of clinical studies in Post-Operative Acute Pain.


Our 100,000 sq ft research dedicated Center of Excellence in Atlanta, Georgia is the most experienced clinical research site in the United States in psychiatry.


Our Centers of Excellence have conducted more than 120 clinical protocols in Neurology over the past 5 years. We assure the highest quality and reliability for every clinical trial.

Japanese Bridging

Our research Center of Excellence in Anaheim, California is one of the most experienced sites in the United States in Japanese and Asian Bridging studies and Post-Operative Acute Pain.

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